Week #17

This week was better as I managed to play my required number of hands. The volatility was huge as I saw swings of $150 to $250 up and down, the reason why a good bankroll management is essential.

On Saturday I started a 1,000 hand session around 11am. Like usual, I have 4 tables of Zoom open and about 180 hands in, my top 2 pairs lose to a set on the river and on the other table, my top pair loses to a flush on the river and I'm already down $75. The following 400 hands are pretty much flat. Then BANG....................................

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This week will be a slow week as I'll be playing 2 LIVE satellites for the WPT Canadian Championship and even if I don't qualify through the satellites, I will be playing the WPT ME. The money won from my last year's goals will be put to good use ..... I hope.....Wish me luck