I've played over 350,000 hands in the last 15 months and I've seen my share of ALL-IN pre flops by players holding AK, so are AK's the nuts?

Although AK has very strong potential, that's all it has - potential. It's not a made hand, although many players will treat it as such. Having this kind of mindset is the reason why so many players lose much more with ace-king than they actually win.

Like any poker hands you play, your two cards should NOT be the only factor in your decision to go ALL-IN. What about position?, what about stack size?, is the opponent loose or tight?, what are the table dynamics?, what about your bankroll?

Do you know what the odds are of winning an ALL-IN with AK vs. any pocket pairs?

The average is 42.74%, so basically you'll lose more often than you will win, so is it worth going ALL-IN pre-flop against any pocket pairs? 

Personally, I will never go all in for the simple reason that in the long run, I'll be losing, so out of 100 hands, I'll lose 57 of them.

Winning % of pocket pairs vs. AKo -->

[youtube link="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=8t3QR6WRK_Y"]

I searched the video library and found two training videos by TheLangolier on how to play AK's. I watched each of them twice today and I'm still learning. (I wish all those ALL-IN donkeys would watch them, I'm sure they'd learn a thing or two...LOL)



It's funny how those All-in players will play for value when they have good hands, but when it comes to AK, it's an automatic all-in. Now I keep notes on those players, so that next time they go all-in and I've got pocket pairs, it's a CALL

Good Luck with your AK's everyone!!!