Week #13

 This brings us to the end of March and I'm very happy to be on target for my yearly goals.

At the beginning of the year, I decided to join the "Set your Goal" promotion by PokerStars for 5,000 Fpp's. If I was to reach 25,000 Vpp's by the 3rs of April, I would get $60 and another $60 for 25,000 Vpp's by July 3rd. Well, I did reach the 25,000 Vpp's by the 30th of March and I'm on track for Supernova by year end.

I still go to some training, I still watch videos every week and I sometimes open a table with a pro and watch him play while I play on 3 tables. I'm a very slow reader, so I still haven't finish reading my book.

As for my money goal, I'm doing better than expected. I had planned $1,000 a month and I'm averaging about $1,750 (does not include: Mtt's, rewards, cashed Fpp's)

This last week was going to be a grinding week, but...................

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