These tournaments had great odds of winning tickets for the SCOOP. Most tournaments had odds of between 2 and 5 to 1, so why didn't the tournaments attract more than 200 - 300 players? For all those of you who read this, you MUST remember to play these tournaments next year. All you have to do, is write a 500 word blog and publish it and in return, you'll get 10 tickets for FREE.

I played all 10 of my tickets and had a good WBCOOP. I finished with 1 x $163.00, 1 x $16.50, 2 x $11.00 and 1 x $5.50. I also finished 12th in the overall leader board. As for the ME, never was able to get a connection. So remember to mark your agenda for next year and good luck.



Thanks to PSO Professor, one of the blogs he picked was one of mine and this gave me the opportunity to play in the Big Bang, which is a $5,000 tournament for about 250 players.

At first I thought I wouldn't be able to play because I would be on vacation, but found out that I could on my Ipad. Once I was able to have a descent connection (an hour into the game) a player called my all in with 78o....LOL.

Next time, I WILL make sure I play it. 


Like I do every year, I take off to a warm place to get energize from suffering from all that cold weather and at the same time, enjoy my birthday in a nice place. This year we were in Riviera Maya, Mexico with temperatures in the high 20's Celsius (80 Fahrenheit). When on vacation, I stay away from Poker, but I couldn't this year since I had the Big Bang and the WBCOOP Main Event....LOL



I rarely do things such as site seeing or go to attraction sites, I like to just sit by the pool and relax. But during our stay, on my birthday, we always do domething out of the ordinary. So we decided to visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum followed by a sea treck.

Tulum is a Mayan archaelogical site in Riviera Maya, Mexico. They are perched on top of a very scenic cliff area overlooking the turquoise Caribbean ocean, breath taking.

The most imposing building in Tulum is the 25 feet (7.5 m) tall El Castillo (the castle) set above the cliff. A small shrine appears to have been used as a beacon for incoming canoes.


We then went sea treking. It's an underwater helmet diving experience. Basically, if you can walk and breathe, you can sea Trek.

We walked along a railing while watching some exotic fishes and stingrays. It was a weird feeling touching those stingrays. We were about 15-20 feet deep and it was like walking in zero gravity....not easy.



As for the rest of my vacation, well, I did relax by the numerous pools and by the clear ocean turquoise waters of the Caribbeans






Lets not forget my 2013 goals as I still have to grind 30,000 hands from now to the end of the month, now that will definetely be grinding. I did want to participate in the Micro-Million, but I will not have time (might try 1 or 2). I will update my status next week.

Hope you enjoyed the read

See you all next week