This week was kind of a right off. Work really got in the way of poker and should be the same for the next 2 weeks. Being a Financial Advisor, February is the busiest month of the year as I help people plan for their retirement.

That being said, I'm still reading "Professional No-Limit Hold'em Volume One" and watching Garreth's videos AGAIN. I also looked at my goals and needed to revised them.
My yearly goals haven't changed, but my monthly and weekly did.

Monthly: Since I'm now playing 75% at 50NL and 25% at 100NL, the number of hands required is no longer 70,000, but 50,000, therefore reducing the number of hours per month for cash games.

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Numbers as of February 17th 2013

Hands played: 96,580
Vpp's: 15,531
BB/100: 7.43
Cash Profit: $3,758.50

Omaha H/L Profit: $46.32
Tournament Profit: $135.71
Stellar Rewards: $200.00
TOTAL PROFIT: $4,140.53