This week was another slow week, not only work, but sick as a dog. I only played 9,841 hands in the first 4 days and that was it. It started ok until I got hit with variance. I was up over $200 after 6,700 hands and finish the week just above $30. The 25NL is the culprit as I was down $70, so the 50NL saved the week.

Since I'm recovering from the cold, I'll take a few days break and watch some videos, read some notes I've taken and do some reviews of my early weeks to see what I was doing good.

I also played some 18 man SnG's at $3.50, 2 sets of 20's and did OK, and another 9 low buy-in tournaments. It's been a while since I played anything else than cash. Talk about consistency, I had 6 first, 6 second. 6 third and 6 fourth .... lol. Was ITM 42.86% and a ROI of 78.42% for a total profit of $115.86.

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