This week, was another slow week as work got in the way of my poker. I concentrated more on fixing my All in Adjusted and Money Won without Showdown. I did manage to reverse things. The all in adjusted had a positive $400 and the money won without showdown was down only $50. Basically trying to steal more and folding when it doesn't work. Now for the Bad, Better and Good News

Bad, I'm having a tough time at 25NL. I'm playing way to many hands to showdown as I'm being very aggressive because of my doing better at 50NL. I've reviewed losing hands and compared them to the 50NL hands and noticed that I would be folding them at 50NL. It seems that I'm doing what I said we shouldn't be doing . http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/blogs/post/?id=35846 So back to basics for the next week.

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