Since I was on holidays all of last week, I did step overboard as for the number of hands and number of hours. Also, since I was banned for an entire week from PSO, I had no access to any videos or training. But instead, I decided to watch some of the pro's play 50NL 6-max regular cash games.

I'm now using PT4 to keep track of my hands and to analyse my winning and losing hands. I'm also using a new tool that comes with PT4, which is Leak Tracker. There's 26 overall analysis that will help me in becoming a better player.

During Dave's analysis of my cash games during December, he has pinpointed some of my leaks and when I ran the analysis tool in PT4, it pretty much said the same thing. Out of the 26 analysis, I have 21 good and 5 potential problems or improvement to take care of. They are:

- Flop continuation bet % (increase)

- Fold to flop bet % (increase)

- Fold to turn bet % (increase)

- Attempted to steal from late position % (increase)

- Went to showdown % (decrease)

I've started a spreadsheet were I keep track every week of my progress. For example for my C-Bet%, I stand at 53.78% and I should be between 59.7% and 83.0%. My goal is to be at about 65% and once I have more data, I will post a graph.

For my first week, I didn't do so bad. It was a bit more volatile than I'm use to, as I was trying a few things to correct my problems, so here are my stats for the week #1.

Click on yhe link below for more of my update

Thank You