Once we've accumulated more than our starting stack, we think we're invincible. So we start increasing our range, we increase our bets, we play out of position and we tend to gamble more. Here's an example,: we are playing 5NL, therefore we start with $5, we play tight, in position and we don't bluff, but once we reach $7, what a different story. He's got a small stack, so I'll scare him, A7o in early position, I'll try so scare players and who knows, I might catch an Ace. Why do we play differently?


Slow play - I'm confident my aces will win, so I'll slow play

Stealing blinds - I'm confident he'll fold cause he's a tight player

Flush or straight - I'm confident that I'll get my flush, so I'll keep calling

Big stack - I'm confident he'll fold, I got him covered 3 to 1


This was my biggest problem. I solved it by closing the table when I reached 50% gain and open a new one. That way I couldn't be to confident since I was always starting with 100 BB.


Need to catch up

Seems that once we are down in chips, we MUST get them back fast. Again we increase our range, our bets and we play in any position. You got there because you got donked or you had a bad beat, it happens, take a big breath and continue playing ABC poker


This was also a problem of mine and I also solved it. When I'm down at a table, I never re-buy, I'd rather fight my way up, so I open another table. By doing so, it's like starting over with no profit nor losses, so I play ABC poker and that style of play is transferred to my losing table. In other words, I'll use patience and wait for the right time, position and cards.


He's tight, he's loose

Sure you can take advantage of such players, but you won't always win and if you happen to bet big, you might lose big. It's not because we are thought to take advantage of these players, that you must do it all the time and with any two cards.


Never had this problem as I don't use any HUD to dictate how I should play. Position, cards and notes will help me in my decision. Just look at all the hands being analyzed with the info he's tight or he's loose and you'll see that the majority of the time, the opposite result happened.


Very bad play

How many people will fish for a straight or a flush with nothing after the turn?

People that keep calling with AK with nothing after the turn

Suited connectors are good, but raising a raise with a 2 gap?

Of course, let's not forget the A-rag call or raise


When you start your session, set some goals. Could be the number of hands, could be length of time or just a money objective. I'm sure that most of you start by playing a certain style, well there's no need to change it, if it's profitable, again, why change?

If you have time, find players that are regulars and that play more than 4 tables and watch them play on all tables. It's not because they have a huge stack or a small stack that they play differently.

Hope this will stop your leaks

Good Luck all