WARNING, this is a long report

I've received a few PM's and emails, asking me "How do you do it?", so I decided to explain how I play. Now I'm no teacher, so I hope all of it makes sense, I'm also not a pro and not even close, I'm just a recreational player that takes poker seriously when I'm playing. Like I've said before, my style of play is not always conventional and what I mean by that is that I don't always play by the book such as + or - EV, Pot odds, Outs, Cbet, 3bets, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I did read about all of these in books, internet and saw videos about it, but then integrated into my personal style. Right or wrong, it's my style and it's working.

Let me start with the type of game I played. I like to play Zoom up to 10NL and then I switch to regular tables from 16NL and up. I think that up to 10NL, the players are very loose but it's no reason to go crazy.

One thing I do and I do it no matter what I play, is right click on all the players to see how many tables they are playing (if not hidden). If I see 4 tables or more, I consider them regulars (depends on the stakes) and 1 table is a beginner. I also look at the stars, some show, some don't, but a one star, to me, he's a beginner. Now this is not a sure thing, but that's how I'll look at it until proven otherwise.

I look at ways players play, such as limpers, button and SB stealers, BB protectors. One thing that I've notice, regulars (6 tables or more) will very rarely bluff, but will always try to steal the blinds on the button and in the small blind and will fold if you re-raise. Now, it's not always like that, so be prepare to fold if it doesn't work and it's not always an automatic re-raise.

Here's one unconventional way I play my BB. Most players are thought to steal the blinds, so lots will try to steal with nothing. By folding the BB for a few orbits, I get to know who those bully players are. I then re-raise them on an average 1 out of 3 hands. I never call a steal, it's a re-raise or a fold. I'm not going to gamble any amount of chips with bad cards. I'd rather recoup one BB than a BB plus gambled chips.

Might as well talk about the way I play my SB and the button. Same as stealing, most books will tell you to protect your blinds, so I will steal the blinds only if I have a descent hand. Especially versus regular players and bigger stacks, as they will call or raise. Again, it's not a written rule, I need to know the players and the way they play, but especially, I need to fold.

Here's one more, C-betting, why? If I flopped nothing, why should I waste chips?, just to scare the other player? I don't (well not exactly true). I will c-bet if I have descent cards or the flop is dry and who the player are. My stats on c-bet is another unconventional play as it's around 50%, which is very low. Lots of players see me as a nit (I think) as I will check and let the others speak first and re-raise (of course if I've got the cards, but will not throw or gamble with nothing, again depending on the notes I have on the players)

Ok, one more, what about value betting? Don't know if it's because of my financial background, but I will take the money and run and I don't like giving the opportunity to other players to catch their cards. There are a few points that I will talk about. First, in every hand, I need to know if I intend to play that hand, if no, I fold, if yes, I raise and I will always 3 bet, I never change my betting style. When I re-raise, it's usually 3 times the bet. For example, BB is $0.05, small blind raises to $0.15, if I re-raise, it will be $0.45. Another example, post flop a player bets $0.30, if I re-raise it will be $0.90. Now if I'm first to talk and I want to bet and the pot is $0.30 at 5NL, I'm not going to bet the conventional 1/2 pot or 3/4 pot, I'll bet $0.50, I'll over bet. The reason I do this, is that I don't want the player to fish for a card he needs. The way I look at it, is that, sure I could probably get more out of the player, just like I could of lost lots of money because I gave him the opportunity to get that card. I'll gladly take $0.30 than lose $2.00, how many hands will it take to recoup that $2.00? The last point is about leaving the table with a surplus. Why leave the table when you're ahead? Everybody tends to play looser with a profit, tend to be more of a bully and take more chances (gamble). When I reach a profit of 50%, I close the table and open a new one. It's easier to do when your playing Zoom, because with regular tables, you can't come back with less. Another reason, is that with a big stack, some players will tend to shy away from you and very small stacks will try to double up by gambling. I'd rather take the money and run. There's only one thing wrong about this and I really don't care, is that players will hate you for running away with their money...LOL

On a side note, I never reload at a table. When I've dropped, my goal is to work my way back up and I'll do that by going back to basics, which is patience and position playing. If I run out of money, I open a new table, that way the new players don't know I lost my money...LOL

I've read books, internet articles, I've watched videos, been to lots of classes, been on other school sites. I think that everything being said about poker are the basis to better poker, but then you need to make your own style. Remember that everything that you learn are from pro's that play high stakes and works well at high stakes and not necessarily at low stakes. Just like you'll find more fishes at low stakes then high, more donkeys at low stakes than high and more value betting at high stakes than low stakes.

I wouldn't be a good teacher nor a good hand analyser. Here's just one example: I consider A7o as Ace rag and wouldn't play it, so if I have A7s, it's still Ace rag, except people will say "Ya but it's suited", I still say fold. Before I would play these cards, I would ask myself "what do I expect to achieve from these cards?" To pair my Ace? to hit a flush? just to scare the other player by gambling he will fold? If it's to pair your Ace, that's 7 is a pretty low kicker. To hit a flush, well the odds of hitting a flush are lower than hitting an Ace, therefore I would fold that A7s. If I was to play that hand, it would be in the stealing position (button or SB) with the right notes on the player and not because of pot odds or +EV.

Last words will be on HUD's. Pro's, regulars and grinders will use it because they understand all the ins and outs of poker and the use of a HUD. Personally, I don't see how useful it can be for beginners at low stakes. Beginners become to dependent on the stats and forget to play poker. For example, the stat says that the player folds to C-bet 90% of the time, so you decide to 3 bet with nothing and he re-raises, you just lost, why? because the HUD said so and not your judgement.

Sorry for this long read
Hope it made sense
If you have any questions, just PM me
To each our own style and that's mine and I'm sticking to it...LOL
Don't be shy and comment, I can take the good and throw out the bad...LOL

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