Only 12 days before the New Year, so what have you set for 2012 poker goals?

Most of you, probably none. You just play and hope to be positive and probably 99% of you will have lost money and wonder why. Why not make it the year you've turn things around. Professional players, all make goals for the upcomimng year and so do aspiring proffesional players.

I've been reading a lot of other sites about poker goals and I must say that most if not all posters have no clues on how to make challenging, obtainable, and measurable goals.

Here's an example of a very poor goal:
My goals for 2012 is to play in the WSOP, make $30,000 a month and become a professional poker player.

Since this is a school, why not learn how to create, measure and obtain your poker goals for 2012. You can read more here: