We all know that eating at any time of day, anything and everything at any cost makes us gain weight just like a lot of us have been playing any game at any time at any cost. So why not go on a poker diet or as most of us call it, POKER GOALS?
            I've been playing SnG's at different stakes, turbo, regular, 50/50's, 9, 18 27 man and rebuy's, same goes with Mtt's and satellites. I also play cash games at different stakes, short and full tables, CAP, 20BB etc. So what am I really good at?

So I decided to work on my 2012 goals, since we still have just over a month to write them down. If anybody is interested, I would like you to join me in setting goals for 2012 and posting on a regular basis our progress, results and achievements.

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