I would like to call it – Break UP.
For four months in a raw I stayed in PokerSchool Premier Skill League. But results degraded w every month, a lot. I don’t have any excuse. Just for last month, when I tried other poker rooms w some success and lost focus from Pokerstars.
My ranking for 2013 (as shown below)
Month PokerSchool Skill League (Open/Premier) Rank VIP status
January Open 592 BronzeStar
February Premier 1419 BronzeStar
March Open 1001 BronzeStar
April Open 1482 BronzeStar
May Open 320 BronzeStar
June Open 285 ChromeStar
July Premier 822 ChromeStar
August Premier 80 ChromeStar
September Premier 603 ChromeStar
October Premier 1252 ChromeStar
November Open league, supose to be 400 (estimate)



I don’t know what to do, break up or not, because the league games makes me a bit angry. Where I get people all-in w air against my 3-Bets w top pair pre-flop. Guess what, I get sucked out all the time. I started even avoid hands like AA, KK, AK and prefer now to crush other people w JQs and even 64o. But still should I have some rest from leagues?