Good Evening,
I'm experiencing a huge downswing, it lasted almost 1 month and started at the end of January and still continues. From Buy-in of 40$ is nothing left. The level of investing money changed accordingly, it means I do play very small-stakes and low buy-in MTT-S
Some say it is PokerStars way to take money from players. I do believe it is dependent from many factors and generally depends from your selves.
As I mentioned I play basically MTT-s, I don’t like SNG’s (as it takes just a little of time to play and have less variance, at least believe I believed that. I do avoid Cash and Zoom because of no-experience at-all. As everyone knows that the downswing happens and last quite a long time, some friends say up to 5-6 months. But what I did discover just today is that the downswing cannot influence all types of games. I started with Hold’em Cash fixed limit and started grinding and gaining my bankroll upwards. I tried to keep the table under control, take notes of players and mark them into categories too, changed tables often.

Conclusion - do not limit your selves just to one type of game and try all of them to avoid get bored and swing down all of your bankroll.
Tools - I do avoid spending money on any poker tools til my bankroll allows, it means I may happen only with bankroll of $1k. My Vault goals are way higher. But no progress could be measured till now But I think it is important to gather the hand history, analyse and improve my selves. The solution I use is a bit for IT people, but it does not seem to be very difficult to do. WMWare Player is free virtualization tool, where I reinstall once a month all trial and licensed software.