i have just busted out im my second tourney in about 240th, had a nice stack going around 5 1/2k big stack limps in i have pocket kings i make it 6 bb's to go raisng it to 1500 to try to push out loose maniacs that call with any two cards..... the big stack flats my raise out of position..... flop brings a a j rainbow the big stack puts me all in i think for a while, and decide im comitted to the pot now, and make the call thinking i probably behind to a rag ace....the big stack shows J 10 im miles ahead with my kings nice double up a well above average stack to make a deep run possibly FT.....think again turn brings a jack and the river brings a jack lose to runner runner quads....... i mean cmon, im like an 83% fav before the flop and 90 odd % on the flop and i still cant get my big pairs to hold up...so frustrating, a similar scenario busted me out of my first tourney of the day, not as bad a beat as that but still pretty sick.....do i just keep folding the best hands, to try to score more points in the leauge, is thta what the leauge is about just hanging in there trying to make it as far as possible, folding premium starting hands to big stacks awful play....the play with the j 10 is just awful