Hi, My name is Malachi Watson (sako85hunter) and I am 22 years of age, from the massive country of new zealand. I am looking for some mutual support/advice and some online poker buddies

In the negative when it comes to money made/lost on poker stars, with my $500 bankroll I am looking to find a comfortable level to play in to start making some good profits. 

Points for me to work on:

Discipline is a major point, playing way too loose and not concentrating on the games. Probably due to a bit of tilt.

Find my limit is another hard one for me as I tend to not follow bankroll management at all, time to sort that out!

Focusing on one type of game instead of jumping between different tables ranging from massive tournaments to 9 man tables.

Good points:

I love poker!

Study the game a lot.

Willing to give a massive amount of time to the game in order to become a successful player.

Any tips from some profitable players as to the types of games I should look at would be muchly appreciated, I will be posted all my games up here, so if I lose I wont keep it to myself and go on tilt, expressing some of my bad beats and also when I win for a positive side to my blog!