Today was a frustrating day, got angry and annoyed with myself.

Last night I decided to play more poker because I was totally bored.

Update : $10.00 total lost in game 6 and 7.

Maybe today is why I played like a muppet, simply because I knew that I had to focus hard and regain what I have already lost.

To put it simply, I should have just focus on the games in hand and not to think about what I have lost already.

8th game - $5.07 lost

Did not get any joy out of this game, got to $7.64 then because the table being hard to play with, I kept telling myself to get off with what profit I had.

But as per usual, I kept saying “ One last hand and then I’ll get off”, but then a good hand comes along and you think hey this could be a big pot.

Which it does become and then shove thinking I’ve got them beat, only to find that I’m not winning.

9th game - $5.00 lost

Unreal game here, slow to start with, then I start to win good hands and then I am up to $12.46.

Then kept saying “ One last hand and then I’ll get off”, but then I am dealt a pair of kings and the guy before who has been quiet through out, only playing a few hands and losing decided to play.

Flop was queen high, so I bet big, only for him to re-raise to half his stack, so I shoved only to see him holding ACES.

That was it; next two hands saw my stack disappear to nothing.

Mind conditioning is a problem, when I start to think about leaving the table with whatever profit I have, and then I should leave.

Not tell myself that I will leave after another hand, because sods law will always come round the corner and bite you on the arse.

My arse has been truly bitten today.

Now I am totally pissed off with how i played, and totally pissed off that i did'nt leave the table when i had $12.64, which by the way would have left me in profit by $2.64 and would have left me feeling all calm for tomorrow.

Poker....don't you just love the game, drama all the way.

Now with only $25.00, left in the account.

i think i'll drop down a level and play the 0.01 / 0.02 cash tables tomorrow, and hope that i'll be able to report a profit.

Till tomorrow folks.