Hi everyone

Here I am playing in the pokerschool pokerleague, from last year.

Last Year I played in the pokerleague, and played for like a month and i was not playing well.

Just gave up when i started to fall out of the "in the money" places.

So this year I decided to play with a serious mind and get myself together, so this month I started in the poker league.

Started today in the number  #1923, and have been yo yo ing up and down, my highest spot is #811, so my goal is to stay in the money as below #2000 is out of the zone.

This poker league has been very frustrating, and last night got me all worked up over a hand that knocked me out of the game.

I got pair queens hole cards, and was first to act, so I 3 bet preflop and try and have the min amount of players in the hand.

The big stack on my left decided to shove allin, another guy also shoves, who I know does so with a range of low pairs, so I most likey have him beaten.

So I shove too.

Big stack had 6 4 off suit......

Guess what, he only wins with a straight.

Now big stack only had about double what I had at the time, and I feel that it was a "Nutjob" play on his part, because the rest of the table were calling allins with all sorts of hands.

So I am feeling fragile today, but determin to play on and see the month out, and just getting my feet wet into this blogger lark.

Next time maybe i'll show any hands that upsets me on hand replayer.

Till then.....