Hi everyone

Just finish playing the 10.00am BST Open skill league.

Finished  - 418th / 10,000

Never really had any decent cards on this one, pair of Queens and pair Kings was the best two hands I had.

Ducked and dived a bit, saved my chips here and there.

Got low stacked a couple of times and decided to go allin and managed to treble up from a couple of players.

Low stacked with  - allin, 2 callers, I caught a full house and other guys got Ace high straight.

Low stacked with  - allin, 2 callers, I ended up catching flush, other 2 players never had a flush card.

So far been lucky, then at end I was low stacked again, got , everyone else folded but had sanjawars on my left calling with , he won with 2 pairs...Aces and twos.

Game over.

Overall I'm happy with my game on this one, now ready for the next one.

Next time I'll try and catch the hand numbers to grab the full hand history and maybe show some odds.:mrgreen: