Hi everyone

Am looking forward to be playing in the pokerschool league on a serious level.

This month I have been praticing in the Open league, and I have to say that I have enjoyed the pratice and getting the feel of these tournaments.

Having won one of these tournaments has given me the encouragement to move forward and play more.

So I have decided that I need to play on a serious level for October's pokerschool leagues ( tommorow ).

After looking at other players on the league tables, most of these guys have played 80+ tournaments, which is a high number.

It looks like that in order to achieve top level points, I need to be playing at least 3 tournaments a day and need to play good poker, rather then doing crap shoots type of playing.

So you October leagues players, watch out because I'll be crossing swords with you and hope to take your chips of you. :mrgreen:

By the way my pokerstars name is SaintKarl, say "hi" if you bump into me on the table.

Next month I will blog my days account, and hope that you people who played me, will comment on my play, and maybe we all may learn something new out of it.

See you on the tables......8)