As everyone knows in the game of poker you need to win the coin flips. In the hand below the blinds were 2k 4k and I wake up with QQ. This is a hand I need to play and hope to take it down with a raise. I am one of the top stacks and in good shape to finish strong. I raise 2.5 the bb to 10k and if folds around to TheLangolier who 3 bets to 32,222. I really don't want to play against another big stack at this stage of the game, but my hand is to strong to fold. If I 4 bet I am committed so my only move is to push in my stack. If Dave does call I'm hoping he has one over or a smaller pair. Being that Dave knows my game he may call me with a wider range than other players. It turns out that Dave has A-K and calls. This time I win the coin flip and get to bust a very good player.