I found my way into the Sunday Storm via a 45 player sit n go, with the top 4 players getting a ticket. I was extremely happy to get a ticket into the event. Anyway, i bombed out after only 3 hands. this was the scenario..should i of acted differently and just threw them away or did i make the right move?

blinds = 10/20

My hand; 66
My position; UTG 2
Starting Stack = $5000

UTG raises to 60
I call (didnt think that was a bad call with medium pair)
BB re-raises to 240
UTG calls
I call (wont hurt if i hit the flop)

FLOP: 10 6 A

BB bets 240
UTG re-raises to 840
I re-raise all in (all i could think of here was that i hit trips and didnt really think about what they had)

BB calls = A K (top pair with king kicker)
UTG calls = A 10 (two pair)
I go all in (trip 6's)



BB Wins...

Now, this is playing with my head a bit. Was i too agressive after the flop to go all in?
Was this the right play? probably not, but if i did re pop the 840, he would of called anyway right?

Thanks for looking...hopefully i can learn from this and not let it get to me..

s3ervic3s (Australia)