Hi PSOers


This year is coming to an end and it's time for me to review my results and to make new goals for 2014.

I joined pokerstars in mid 2012 with little knowledge about poker , didn't know basics about poker , rules and hand strength, was looking for a game to play for fun but in no time i fell in love with it .

I thought poker was more gambling than skill but with pokerschool help i learned it was actually the other way.

Started 2013 depositing 10 $ following strict bankroll management, played freerolls a lot , making some top prizes in freerolls, my biggest cashes so far :


- 2nd in 0,55$ buy in -1949 players for 122,5$

- 3rd in Privelege Freerol 24313 players for 123,94$

- 33rd (a gift from pokerstars )  in 3rd misson week for 375 $


Ended the year playing 9 max hyper turbos-1,5$ , with the results below:

1919 games, ITM: 38,1%, ROI: 5,3%, Net winnings : 152,68 $, EV : - 62BI


Total Bankroll : 1,240 $, 1 step B ticket, 2 * 11$ PCA tickets


I'm not going to cashout anything , this is the bankroll i am going to start 2014 .

I already have the plan in excel for 2014 , my final goal is to end 2014 with 10k $ bankroll playing hyper turbos from 1,5$ to 30 $ -  80hr/month . 

In 2014 i have to develop also a very important skill in online poker -  multitabling 

Gl to all , a happy chirstmas and a happy  new year