Hey all PSOers,

Just a quick thought ,first of all sorry for my english if you see any mistakes .

Second and most important I realized now how valuable are all the live trainings , videos and every bit of learning tool we have available on this site. Wonder why?

Well some minutes ago i attended, out of curiosity a training advertised by a trading company(forex stocks etc) which was meant to be both for fun and to learn how poker can make you a better trader.

That caught my eye pretty fast as i was intersted in both fields.

So it started with a trader talking about why he plays poker(mostly live)..and why poker makes him a better trader and he made an income with his hobby.etc...He even  played live cash game 50 NL 1 table on Pokerstars to "teach" attendees some tips and things to consider when playing poker (position , image etc.) which were obvious to me.


Saw him making big mistakes for example:

-everybody folding to him in SB and he FOLDS his first hand A5o to the BB because BB is a Platinum star LOL

-colour coded silver star as a good player (3 stars  means a good player to him ) having only 2 hands played preflop



Well i don't mind, anyway it is a FUN webinar , he even volunteered to teach  4 days , preflop hands to play and some basic stuff for 3-4hr sessions . After that a link pops up to click and register for those sessions.


I happily clicked to enjoy the fun for the next days lol...and guess what?


it was a 4 Days of Poker package with our  Master Player worth only 397 $ of our pockets


Well ... the world is full of people who wants to spend money on nothing ...fortunately it's not me and i snap closed that site

If that info is worth 397 $ from this player than PSO has info worth millions $ ...and it makes me millionaire too

Well congrats to all the millionaires being part of this site.(i mean PSO members)