Hey guys,

Didn't play many of this but at last finished 3rd on the final table in a huge field of 24,5k players and a nice score of 123,94 $.

Started the game with the thought that a final table would be nice to achieve because the prize pool got bigger than average for this games (2750$) and luckily i ended up being there .

First levels was playing a basic tight ABC poker, with 1000 players left i had an average stack.

After that had only 2-3 hard decisions preflop for a tournament full of bad players (folded AQo 2 times ) everything else was easy (i was helped by fish players to fold speculative hands preflop and saving chips for later ) it was easy to know when they had big hands and when to bluff even against them.

With 10 tables left i was on the bottom of the ranking with a small stack ranging between 10-20bbs but enough to have resteal equity , at this level i was thinking to get a better score than before in this freerolls (my best place a few months ago was 19th place in privelege freerolls ) and changed the strategy 180 degrees being aggresive

With 3 tables left i was the smallest stack (don't know why but i like being in this position ) . At the final table got with a 19bbs stack (5th) with the chipleader having 110bbs.(An average LAG player but who knows what he is doing)


After 6 hours of play i started to feel tired - had only 2-3 hours left for sleep , was looking for +EV resteal spots 3 bet ,4 bet bluffs .

In 15 minutes only 3 players left with me being the chipleader the stack was very close to the  LAG's stack, the play got too deep for me to stay and play tired with 70bbs (lucky for the other 2 players left ) .

The result could be even better for sure but i didnt resist too much and lost almost all my stack to the LAGy player A8s vs A2o defending blinds he floped two pairs A and  2 on the flop, builded a big pot and on the river he goes all in , i was sure that more often than not i'm behind here and called to go sleep or win didnt think too much.


Gl all at the tables and best of luck