I used to play alot of poker when I started playing at 19. I was in University and was playing with the money I was not using from my student loan.

I took a long break from poker after going broke playing blackjack on UB, lost 5000$ total and that was all the money I had and that Visa allowed me to borrow. I stopped gambling altogether for a year after that. Then I met a woman, got married, had two kids. After coming back and playing just a little on small buy-ins here and there, I recently made a 40$ deposit after being away for about 6 months. I love poker and have always played here and there when I can. I ran pretty well playing Mtts on Full tilt poker, got up to 250$ and cashed out 200$, after that, I kept playing 11$ tournaments and finally went broke. I decided not to re-deposit and try to play the 500$ freerolls to see if I could make it back without a deposit. I won about 27$ on a freeroll, took that and played 1-3$ MTTs, played those very well and ended up winning around 1200$, cashed out 1000$, played cash games (I am not a good cash game player) and lost the 200$. The point I am making, is that even if you go bust, you can percevere and continue through any means such as the freerolls or using the FPPS to buy-in into tournaments. Much practice, watching tutorials, seeing what works and what doesnt on your own can work for anyone who takes the time to do the homework. I can't play all that much since I am a stay at home dad now and playing tired makes me do bad decisions but I am sure I can bounce back from my bustout and reach the thousands in profit again. Good luck to everyone who keeps tryinng to achieve their dreams.