I made the PSL (only just..), wahoo! My PSO goal for the month is the maintain my spot in the PSL and get a feel for how the tourneys play. My Goal for Stars is to grind out the $1.50 Fifty50s and turn a profit at the end of the month, whilst still hitting my VPP goal which currently stands at 150 for March.

I had a good run in the 25c 45 Player SNGs, making roughly $12 from 70 games. I had to stop playing them though as I just cant get the volume to hit 150VPPs a month.

Onto the 50Fifties.. I have decided to play them as I think there are a lot of value in them. They're full of fish, lagtards and.. Well, you get the picture - they're pretty soft. I have noted a few regs though, but that's not that bad as they can be explioted.


That's about it for now - cannot wait to get started in the PSL.

Good luck in your pokers!