So it has been a week since I last blogged - if you can even call my last post that.. I have been a tad busy in real life, so poker, and in particular, the OSL have been on hold.

I was recently staked $5 by bearxing to play 10 50c sngs. They didn't go too well and I was a 65c loser. He gave me another shot at 17 25c sngs with the remaining money and it went really well. I ended up cashing out $7.80 for bearxing, and a couple of Dollars for myself. Since then, I have been hitting the table with my own money.

Since starting the 25c sngs, I am up 30.8 Buy-Ins from 27 games (including bear's games). The plan is to grind these up until my BR is $40, and then hit the $1 tables where I will 4 table them (currently 6-8 tabling the 25cs).

I will keep updates here of my progress every couple of days 

As already mentioned, I haven't played much OSL since the 13th (7 games in total). I am up 90 points from those 7 games though, so am very happy. I am slightly behind my target for the 21st, but that isn't a problem. I am aiming for 2200 points by the end of the month.


OSL Rank/Points - 386 / 2070

BR - $5.04