Haven't played the OSL today after taking a day off from it. I think I know where I need to be at the end of the month now, so I will slowly build my way towards my goal of 2100 OSL Points by the end of Feb.

The only poker I have played is 10 Turbo STTs which I was staked by a close friend for. Started off brilliantly with 3 cashes out of 4 but then things went downhill. Didn't get a single cash afterwards when I prehaps shold have. Ran QQ into KK, but half way through a turbo there's no space to fold QQ to a 3bet when you're 12bbs deep! 

I personally do not like the turbos. I feel that the fields are stronger (because of the lower rake) and the varience is higher (Swiiing). I think I'll go back to playing the Normal Structure STTs where, in my opinion, the players are less skilled. I prefer having room to fold to a 3bet and actually make a few plays-  not shove/fold. I know 10 is a tiny sample size and that I can't base my results from that, but I felt more comfortable in the Normal Structure. I don't know, maybe I'm just a nit ..

Getting back into the OSL either tomorrow or Tuesday, I'll have to see how I feel.


Until then, good luck friends.