Yet again the OSL has been frustrating me. Another day where I feel as if I have gone backwards - I am looking forward to seeing my results when I wake up in the morning, I am almost sure that I have minus points for the day. Today's sick bust out came in my 3rd and final tourney of the day: JJ against 66 in the SB vs BB (would have been mroe than happy to take the blinds+antes hehe) - 6 of the flop and no help for me afterwards saw me come in a poor ~2500th. For sure negetive points I may take a couple days out from the OSL to see where my closest competitors are headed - I need to stop bleading points when I don't have to.

Finished my block of 10 STTs and cashed out $16.26 (A 40% cut for me after stakeback - practically even for the block). Should have been at least a little more than that but hit a couple of bad beats. AQ into A3 aip and they spike a 3, to name one. That's poker though and you have to battle through the lows to reap the highs.

Thought of the day: Volume, volume, volume. If you're a good player there's only one way to counter varience.. Volume. Get the games in and varience will even out.


GL at the tables. You sure do need it in the OSL!!