What a great way to start a bankroll these tickets are.  The .10 field is soft enough that you can basically fold your way to a .15 or more win, from which you can move into either the .02 hyper turbos or the .10 360 man SNGs.

I started with nothing here on Pokerstars, and now I have around 12 dollars, thanks to a few great final tables at 360 man SnGs.  I took one down, tripled my bankroll at that time from 4 dollars to 12 dollars, and now I can start taking shots at some of the more fun things.  I'm slowly accumulating FPPs as well, playing .01/.02 ring games just so I could get to the 20FPP necessary for later tournaments in PSO. 

I also qualified in a Macau satellite which gave me a nice 5.5FPP bonus (for me at my stakes, that's a pretty good deal.)  Unfortunately I did poorly in the next step but in any case it was a good learning experience for me.

I just cashed 75/3000 in a 10FPP MTT, from what I'm seeing, these are great value for micro players.  That's 10 360man SNGs, or a .55 90 man SNG and some fun money.  I will be taking shots at the $1.10 ($5K Guaranteed), hoping to land a nice finish at some point, now that the shots are within my bankroll.

Like the Fergusen challenge on Full Tilt, I intend on keeping to my bankroll rules.  I busted out on Full Tilt because I played games that were above my bankroll, and I will not do that here.