After a short hour drive, I arrived in A.C. around 4:30 pm. I was kind of tired from the drive and playtime with kids prior to my departure, so I took a quick nap. The PSO mixer started at 7:30 pm and I was excited to see the many friends I have made during my time on PSO. Some for the first time, but many were great people that I’ve met in the past. A few beers and some great conversation later we all headed up to the poker room for the 10 pm tourney. This was not a PSO only tourney and there were a few locals in the mix. $50 buy-in, 15k TC to start, and the kicker being 10 minute rounds and a FAST structure. This was going to be fun. I took a nice 10k pot in the first 30 minutes off a non-PSOer and that was pretty much it until the blinds became ridiculous. I started pushing with any two decent cards and built a decent stack. After tripling up with TT v AK v AQ, I was in a decent position to make the cash. When the final table came together, several short stacks busted and a few silly pissing matches between the big stacks, I was in the top 4. I lost a race with QQ v AK 6 handed, but some big action squeezed me into 4th for a $180 payday. It’s about 2:30 am at this point and I haven’t eaten in about 12 hours (better known as an eternity). I headed back to the room, ordered a grilled cheese, and passed out until the room service arrived. 6 hours until the PSO AM tourney starts. Ugh. Trip ledger: IN/OUT/NET $50/$180/$130