I awake to Toccata and Fugue playing via my phone’s alarm. 10AM is here already? Damn. After prepping my manly physique, I proceed to the poker room where I find the usual cackle of PSOers awaiting today’s tournament. Somehow the discussion turns to food and one very fat member mentions the tragic wasting of a piece of scrapple during that morning’s breakfast. I realize that I’m probably going to be playing for a while and need to get something to eat prior to the tourney starting. Down the hall I find a pastry shop and order the breakfast of non-champions. An apple fritter accompanied by a black and white cookie. It took longer to walk to the shop then it did for me to introduce my purchase to that bottomless pit I call my stomach. Oh yeah. Since I broke my belt and didn’t want to shell out $45 for a piece of shit Donald Trump belt to replace my Kenneth Cole masterpiece, I went with the tie two shoestrings together hillbilly solution. The tournament started with a bang. NOT. I was at the fold the entire time table with players that NEVER fold all the time online. Raising funny amounts every hand sure added some pop to the table fast. Unfortunately I unloaded 3 barrels into Terry and he hit the river to cripple me. At least it was fun while it lasted. I just wasn’t in the mood to play my normal rockish game. The cash games were looking juicy. Eddie the ritz and I grabbed adjoining seats and began to work our magic. LOL. I had to lay down top 2 to a set on the turn, ran a set into a flopped straight, and a big ace into an ace rag that flopped top and bottom. I bought in for $200 and was down to $45 in less than a half hour. I managed to catch fire and grind back up to $125 before Eddie doubled me to $250 when I flopped a set and pushed. Upon the mention of food, we jumped out of that game and headed for the Taj’s noodle bar. After the noodle bar, a group of us headed for the Borgata and that night’s second chance tourney. We prioritize the night’s plans by making 10:30pm reservations at The Old Homestead steakhouse followed by shelling out the $230 for the tourney. With our night scheduled, AJ and I head to the poker room to meet up with some other PSOers and shoot the shit before the tourney gets going. $230 buy-in, 6k TC, 25 minute levels, and a decent structure made this tourney desirable. The tourney went pretty smooth early. I take a couple of small pots here and there to pad my stack. Mid way through the second level I double through/bust a player when I flopped a set of 10s and he pushes. I’m sitting on 15k at the first break. I essentially get nothing for the next 75 minutes and am down to 12k at the second break. At this point, my dinner reservations are fast approaching and I have several people railing me in effort to divert my focus. The time is now to make a move or go to dinner. The very first hand back from break it’s folded to the lady in the SB. She raises 5x the blind and I decide to push with 99. She flips up A7, spikes an ace on the flop and I’m licking my chops and tasting filet until I river a nine and send her packing. No dinner for me. I donk someone else with a 2 outer on the river (my JJ v QQ, all-in on the flop) and now have a decent stack to work with. My table is broken soon after and I land to the left of three monster chip stacks. The very first hand I’m there, the UTG big stack to my immediate right pops it up and I smash him with a 4x reraise with KK. Unfortunately it doesn’t perturb him from raising in the future at all. At some point the lucky ones who kept their dinner reservations (Ed, Perry, Yan, and of course AJ) returned with doggie bags and steak pictures in an effort to tilt me. I kept my composure and continued my steady diet of folding until Kevin came to the table. We avoid each other most of the time until he finally gets picked off by a sick hand. I’m to the one move only point and finally get my chance in a raised, flatted pot when I pick up AK in the BB. I push and get one caller who flips up AJ. NICE! 77898. DOH! The next hand it’s folded to the button and he pops it. He did that whenever it was folded to him, so I felt my A9 was ahead and there was a small chance he would muck it if he had trash. Instacalls with 66, I don’t improve, and I’m out within 10 of the money. Pissed that I missed dinner and essentially bubbled, I make my way down to the poker room to see how the others have fared. Some well and some not so well. Kailyn31, Kenaces, and I head downstairs to get some food before we die. Well, the shitty trend continues. Apparently, all of the food places close at 12am even though the Borgata is open 24/7. We manage to get some leftover pizza from the nearly closed pizza shop. I really lucked out to get two 7 pound slices of stuffed pizza. NOT. I’m pretty sure that it was stuffed with rat, cat, and whatever remains the Chinese shop next door tossed out. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! We head back upstairs and I’m asked by a dealer if Eddie the ritz is in fact my father. That’s it. How dare she make fun of Eddie like that?!? I’m still starving, pissed that I bubbled, tired, and have to hold my pants up everywhere I walk because my hillbilly shoestring shortcut belt won’t adjust to my now withered body. Somehow I make it back to the room and pour myself into bed. Day 3 totals: IN/OUT/NET $100/$0/-$100 $200/$250/$50 $230/$0/-$230 --------------------- $530/$250/-$280 Rob