When given the choice, most people select the choice of hearing the bad news first. That said, I’m going to lead with the bad news. The following is a selected hand from my regular home game. Vitals: 5 players remain (7 started) 6500 Starting chips (45500 in play) Average Stack: 9100 Blinds 200/400 UTG (Big stack) raises to 1200 Cutoff re-raises all-in to 4500 Button (Me) re-raises all-in to 8900 SB folds BB folds UTG instacalls 7700 I will say that the UTG player is a LAG, the cutoff is a very solid TAG, and, well you all know my game. Try and assign some hands/hand ranges to the players before looking at the player’s holdings and the hand results. I’m going to give the good news while you’re deducing what the players' were holding. After having it confirmed through blood tests, I am happy to announce that my wife Jill and I are expecting our second child in late April. Our first son, Jakob, was born in November and has been a wonderful child so far! We planned on having two children and after the first one kept Jill out of teaching for most of last year, we were trying to plan this one so that the birth would take place in early summer. Everything is going according to my master plan. Anyway, I thought I would share it with everyone, especially since it’s such a joy to have the ability of sharing happy events with a wonderful community like PSO. Back to the matter at hand. The LAG flips over JJ (Bad call in my estimation), TAG rolls over AKc, and I have AA. Naturally, I’m ecstatic at the hands my opponents show. You already know that this is the bad news part of the blog, so……Flop brings a K and two rags, the turn a second club rag, and the river the case jack (BB folded AJ face up after the UTG called)(LOLOLOL). Stuff like this happens in live games all the time; much to the chagrin of some of the “online poker is rigged” complainers. I don’t let bad beats bother me much. It costs money when you do and that is clearly not what you want from poker. It’s best to let them be what they are, the past. That said, this especially bad beat, never even fazed me for a moment. Why? Priorities baby. Rob