I’ll keep this short and sweet. The PSO tourney didn’t go so well. Early in, I flat a MP raise with 89s by J-MO. Flop comes 789, and he leads at the flop. I triple his bet and he moves in instantly. I call and he rolls QQ out of the hole. I turn the boat with another 9, but the river brings one of the two remaining ladies. Biggpokerfan ends my day when I try to squeeze four limpers with 88 on the BB and lose a race to his KQd. Thanks for playing. The cash game was beckoning, so I took a seat and bought in for $200. Ten minutes in I stack someone and half stack another player. I give a little back, but cash out $450 when Danrt says he wants to join me at the Borgata buffet. Hmmm….Poker or A.C.’s best buffet? The buffet was great as usual. It was so great in fact that my belt broke for the second time this trip. Luckily I was able to borrow Dan’s belt for the duration (Thanks Dan!) and kill a few more plates. After the buffet, I gave Dan a tour of A.C.’s best casino and we headed back to the Hilton. Upon our return, we discovered that the “crazy game” was running. 5/10 holdem/O8 with a full kill. Yeah, I suck at both of those games, so why not jump right in? I slip into biggpokerfan’s empty crater, buy-in for $200, and preceded to donk a few people on my way to a $400 cash out. The main reason I cashed out was the crapshoot 10PM tourney was starting soon. Since I was up, I decided to go Fleet Street on their asses. It’s only $50. I move in every hand and finally get called by ATo (terrible call IMO) 5 hands in and am shown the door. It was pretty amazing how pissed some of the players got in just 4 hands. So please don’t give me shit about moving all-in all the time anymore. It DOES happen live. I head up to bed after watching some of my wreckage affect the remaining players. Day 2 totals: IN/OUT/NET $100/$0/-$100 $200/$450/$250 $200/$400/$200 $50/0/-$50 --------------------- $550/$850/$300 Rob