The challenge with new deposit players using a ticket is the high value of the ticket.  Some may rather have the cash, and then enter lower buy-in events.  So, I have an option that can give you a better chance at cashing when using your ticket.  Join my Club, and we'll host $5.50 buy-in SNGs regularly [I will play in as many as possible].  Once the field is reduced to 50%, those remaining can all agree to "chop" [split the money up - about $7.50 each].

I have done this twice now without incident, and even ran it by PokerStars.  There are obvious risks:
  1. PS will not assist in a chop or money division - we'll need to unanimously decide, then play it out from there for fun.  If this is done, some may choose to sit out, or just shove.
  2. The challenge is getting the money transferred out from those who cash [in accordance with how the tournament was originally set up].
  3. We really don't know each other - the trust is a bit blind and based on table chat.
  4. You all shove [or play for fun] until a winner is determined, who is then to distribute the money through transfers.
  5. PS will not intervene if a conflict arises.
  6. My only intervention if someone does not transfer the agreed upon funds will be to drop the thief from my club and 'out' them in forums and blogs.
  7. Remember, all players must agree to the chop.  It is not a promise, nor should it be a pressure situation.  The remaining players may not agree to chop, and then payout would defer to the preset percentage [I have always chosen the highest percentage of players paid, which is 20%]

- Enter my Club ID number: 53468
- Enter my Invitation Code: Run4HymClub

Here is my exchange with PS...

Thank you for your interest in PokerStars Home Games.

Tournaments created with PokerStars Home Games are private events
administered by the Club Manager of each club. PokerStars does not offer the
"Host" service to private Home Games, therefore tournament deals are not
administrated by PokerStars.

If players in a private Home Games tournament wish to make a deal, this will
be considered a private agreement and PokerStars will not intervene in any
dispute arising from such agreements. Should a disagreement arise, Members
are requested to contact their Club Manager for assistance.

Therefore, what you are doing is not against our rules, but you must keep in
mind that we do not intervene in any kind of dispute regarding these agreements.

For more information about PokerStars Home Games, please visit our web site:

We wish you the best of luck in your Home Games.


PokerStars Support Team

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Subject: Is this OK?

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>I host a home game club, and have been promoting it as a way for folks to
use their $5.50 ticket.  As a result, I've hosted several of these games,
and players are asking to 'chop', likely in order to convert ticket to cash.
Anyway, FTP has this option at final tables.  We tried to get a moderator,
after we were down to 3 players [only 2 would be paid].  No moderator
responded after 10 minutes, so we all went all-in and agreed to have the
winner split it up and transfer money.  Is this a problem with PS rules?
Just wanted to check, b/c it has been done twice now.