Ok so we are about a week in and a bit behind pace.  I was actually on the cusp of being exactly where I wanted to be.  Let me paint the picture.  It's Sunday night getting close to 9pm est.  We are sitting on $880 profit and getting close to reach the 1k goal that I would like for the first weekend.  So we decide to take a break and watch our favorite TV show and then come back to play.  With about six hours played I am looking to put in a good three - four hours to finish hard.  Then BOOM or is it doom I don't know, but we go on a 1/20 slide, call the session short and finish the weekend with $360 profit.  Not terrible but some work to do.  Week was very busy, had stuff take up a lot of time on Monday/Tuesday and Wednesday we prepared all our meals so we can put in a strong weekend.  I still managed to claw back $150 of that loss and we are currently sitting on $515 in profit.  


Some poker players like to spend a day in the lab getting ready for poker.  I like to spend my Wednesdays in the kitchen getting my meals all ready.  With the meals all out of the way I can just focus on the grind and other items that need to get done and not spend valuable hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning over the weekend.



Thanks for stopping by again guys and be sure to stop by the page and say hello this week.  Best of luck on your grind.