Tournament hand 9
I have JJ and put in an early position raise ....I read all the lessons
called by 10c 8d off suit great for me ... have a ball!                                 
flop 10s 6d 3d ... so I figure I'm still ahead and give it a pot +10% raise ... called with an all in raise ... I'm so far in I have to call it ... (I hate that, but odds dictate I was already commited)  and I'm still looking at a hand worth 80% Turn Ac and u guessed it .....
River 8 s
If only I had the balls to call a big raise with of suit not connecting cards ............. or maybe I shudda folded? No I will not believe that a fold was better/wiser/smarter ... NO .. the guy that called me needs to see this video !
I dont mind loosing to a better hand ... its all in the game .... but this stuff ... aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggghhhhh! I'm off to the shops to buy tissues ..... and when I get back I'll watch this video again.

maybe tomorrow.