I've been playing PS for a year or two now with no luck using play money or real money. I just recently, however, discovered the PSO league, and what a refreshment! I don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but there seems to be a pleasing lack of donkey players in the PSO league. Keeping track of your skill level really seems to have incentivised most of the players to actually play with their brain and as contradictory as it may sound, i seem to play much better when the players around me are taking it seriously. I just can't seem to take the play money very seriously knowing that almost no one else around me is taking it seriously either. I'm sure the PSO league will be one of my favorite on the site now. I've only played in one skill league tourney thus far, but i finished in 44th place out of a field of over 1300 or so and added nearly 40 points to my score. With less than a week left in December, I hope to continue playing well and make it to the top 1000 to win the $3 prize given out to the 'active' members.
Well, this was my frist blog entry on here. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read it!
Good luck on the tables everybody. Gonna go play another skill league tourney now