Tired of splashing around as a fish. Today is the turning point in my poker play. To turn things around need to become better at several things.

1.Positional awareness

2. Hand Selections

3. Opponent tendancies

4. Controlling tilt.

5. learning how to play deepstacked

These are only a few but this is a good start.


To implement these I will be playing 6max nl with a 40 stack bankroll.


Objectives 1. To be a winning player

2, To move up to 5nl  etc. 

3. To make enough money this year through poker to buy a new vehicle.

Thats a long way to go from $80 so my first achievable goal is to become a winning player. 

The second goal is to move up from 2nl to 5n this will only be possible once I have 40x$5=$200