The time has come to start studying the game a little more closely. I will be participating in the Poker School Online Skill League as often as time allows. Hopefullly going deeper than halfway wich has been about my average. Making more +EV decisions and not shoving as frequently.


Shoving  preflopfrequently is a -ev over the long haul ..habbit now broken

Getting into the money in the skill league is now a target.

 Started Well Made it inot the the top 90 .. just barely

 Not so good today out at 924 still an improvement mad to bad calls and 1 poor open

 Starting a Mtt style review. PSO Tournent reciew

Reviewe shows taking to many risks with speculative hands therefore will only be speculating when the odds and stack sizes call for it.

PSO bad play went all in Short Stacked with 75h from early posit


Dec 17/13

Reviewed som cash game hands

requires work .. hand selection

Betting lines

Opponents betting line ///r...rWATCH VIDEO WHY WE BET

thats the beginning of the improvement.  over the next year goal is to become much better.

The line is slowly rising.. going in the right direction.


Yet to do STT and MTT self revie