So I have started with a 2 hour session playing two 2NL zoom 6-max tables. I will try to make each post well structured starting with a session summary, biggest win, biggest loss and some interesting spots for review!


Session Summary:

1c/2c 6max Zoom. 11pm WET 21/04/15

C Won: +$1.47

Time: 2h1m

Hands: 1026

BB/100: 7.16


Biggest Win:


So calling the 3-bet pre flop is the first decision, I decided to go set mining as effective stacks were large with 10x the amount to call behind. Not sure whether this was a good move or not I was on the fence about whether to peel or not. Ultimately I decided to peel due to the effective stack size and the guarentee of a flop and I would have position.

So the flop comes pretty nice, I decide to check back to give player 5 a chance to catch up. 

Just call on the turn, again not really scared of any cards.

Easy call on river.


Biggest Loss:


Not much to say about this one really, Set over set, impossible to get away in 2NL and no reads.


Tough spot 1:


So not sure whether I should get away from this one on the river. I ended up calling because on the turn I had him on spades or an open ended straight draw trying to see a cheap river (hence my raise on the turn) and since neither of them came in I decided to call. 


Tought spot 2:


I just don't see how I have the best hand here ever. I came across a lot of donk betting which usually means weak hands so maybe something like TJ, QT but I think the Q gives him a lot of 2 pairs.

Opinions on this would be appreciated, the previous hand with JJ was in my mind too.



Okay! So that's it for now, I'll put another post up after my next session! Help with the hand reviews / analysis would be much appreciated!