So I have played and studied poker for a while but have never attempted to build a bankroll using suitable bankroll management. 

I am going to start next week by depositing $20 and play 2 tables at  the 2NL 6-max zoom pool. I have chosen to deposit $20 as I can top this up once or twice if needs be but hopefully I will not suffer too much negative variance in the early stages!

To keep me focussed and well disciplined my plan is to regularly update here with my progress and interesting spots for tips and advice!

Firstly, I would like to ask for opinions on bankroll management at the microstakes. My current plan is to grind 2NL until $150 before moving up to 5NL and dropping back down at $125 and similiarly carry on moving up at 30BIs throughout the micros.

I will throw in the occasional SnG using a 30-50BI BM, again, any suggestion/tips?

So that's all for now! I'll post with details of how my first session went probably on Thursday, my aim is to get 5k hands in to start off!

Wish me luck and follow this blog if you wish, discipline has been my main flaw so having to post my results will make me far less likely to tilt call / bluff impossible spots so any support will be helping me out!