I had this blog all worked through in my head. I was going to rubbish Doyle Brunson's theory of streaking and blow it away with 58 or so examples of how after a great and hard earned win i'd gone and called into the next hand purely on Brunson advice (Always call the next hand after winning a hand (whenever possible) with any two cards) only to get screwed over and fritter a few chips away pointlessly.


I mean there is no scientific, mathmatical or even logical reason that a player 'streaks'. And yet we've all seen and experienced a hot run that has no other explanation. Generally though i've binned the theory and closed off Doyle's little bit of romanticism, replacing it with a pragmatic and logical reasoning that every hand is to be played on its own merit...

That was before i took down a tourny the other day and noticed a few Brunsonesque phenomena...

Sat in BB with 17,000 chips, a good couple of grand above average, and looking at pocket 3's my UTG next door neighbour min raises and the whole table folds to me. He's been playing pretty well but accumulated his 33,000 stack more through getting great hands dealt than any great play so i'm pretty sure he's on a premium and he has my respect. I's worth a call though and i hit my set and take his KK down for the full amount possible.

Now we get to the Brunson theory part of this tale: next hand up and i get KQo, again a tight table folds all the way round and i min raise my slightly pissed off buddy from SB. He flat calls and we have a nice 5k pot with a 7 9 3 rainbow flop. Now i did have a little think, most of the time my c bets are routine (danger cards hit or missed i will check, shite cards hit or missed i will c bet anything from 50-75% of the pot) but this guy's angry and an angry player is a dangerous beast so i'm guessing he has about the same hand as me but that he won't wanna put his tourny on the line as he has been playing textbook TAG so far. I bet the pot, about 5 and a half k knowing that he's pretty much committing himself with a call and he shoves... Now the sensible thing to do is obviously fold and lick my wounds but i had this blog in mind as i played the hand so i call and see his lovely, safe, unbeatable AA!! This is where good ol' Doyle steps in: there's the turn; K and i have a glimmer of hope. The river comes down K and i envision his keyboard getting a right old thumping!! 

I feel for the guy as he's me on 99 days out of 100! It's often written that you'll need one huge slice of luck and at least one huge laydown to win a tourny and I did go on and win this one and $1000 but it's another bit of written wisdom that i have to say a little thank you to!

Cheers Doyle!

I'm Roythestone and this was a very good day!