They are funny i have to admit! I mean, you have a choice: You can either put another dent in the laptop, launch it out of the window, scream, shout and kick the cat or you can accept it. Accept that somewhere in some universe or dimension of this one, there's a litttle poker god, sat overlooking your table and coming up with new ways to wind you up. 

I've just busted out on the bubble again, as you might have guessed, and this was a good one: AA and sat UTG with a wildly aggressive player in BB, him being the only stack  at the table that can challenge me, so it's a min raise from me and everyone is playing it cagey. Fold, fold fold, only 6 to go to the cash and the table folds all the way to our man who re-raises; 64k to go. Don't need to shove Roy, don't panic, just call and have a look. 7 9 A (rainbow), nice. Oh yes Mr. Wild boy, come on then! I check, there's 3 to go now and he's allin (obviously) so it's a call from Mr. Set of A's and let's see what he's got: JJ, it's not bad for him! Here's the turn, J... 'NO'  i'm thinking with a quick glance at the lobby where there's 1 to go, and the river... Yup, it's me!

Everyone hates a bad beat story but everyone also likes to have a little chuckle at either the poor pathetic soul having the whinge or at their own recollection of by far worse encounters with 'the gods'! 

I'm sure that they are sat there, chuckling away, buying shares in Dell and LGs' laptop division, thinking up new scenarios and concocting the most intricate ways to destroy another flicker of hope, stamp on another dream and pound the the last ounce of hope out of a poor pathetic downtroden soul otherwise known as an online poker player!

The next time it happens to you, take a look up, have a check on your shoulder, in fact make it plainly obvious that you know they are watching you and don't get angry or  react, because that's what they want. Smile a smile as best you can, breathe in, breathe out, be calm and be cool and don't give them the satisfaction. It's the ability to recover and go again without a negative reaction that seperates the strong from the weak... be one of the strong!

I'm Roy and today was not a bad day (i have to say that in case they are listening!!).