Some days you know, you just do. Your holding KK and you know that whatever way you play it it's a losing hand. Your prophecy duly plays itself out: Mid position you re raise a min, 'allin' and he calls, what's he got oh A7 off... yep i'm losing this. Flop comes K 4 5 rainbow and you know, you've already calculated that the only cards out there are the runner straight so you ask yourself how it's gonna shape up. Turn: 8, well that's it then you know the river, you knew before you shoved, you knew before you knew you would shove, but how? 

This happens, on a regular basis, you can see it coming. Runner runner fush, runner runner straight, he/she hits her/his set on the river and you know it's coming because you had that feeling. 

Then there's the flip side. You're holding your KK and you know it's a winner, you even know who the victim is gonna be. You're in the zone, everything is running smooth, 35 bb's and you're bossing the table about left right and centre, boom he's out, boom there's my card and your KK is safe, 100% safe because you knew that before you committed the chips. You knew that and yet you couldn't know that...

So what is it? that feeling that we have, that knowledge that we live and die by at the tables? How can we get that invincibility to stick and how can we get rid of the monkey on our back when every play, every time we see AA in front of us there's a sinking feeling, an 'oh no'! Is it the state of the game, our chip stack, or is it a deeper emotional connection to the cards we are playing?

I don't know the answers, i wish i did, but i know that i know! I know that today i couldn't have won a coin toss if we re did it 26 times, I know that if you raced me to my kitchen, you'd have won!! (yes, even if you are in Sydney and I'm here in sunny Devon!). 

I'm Roy and today is not a lucky day, gl!