Koovoon’ from Canada becomes the seventh Spin & Go millionaire this month

In a powerful reminder that the PokerStars Million Dollar Spin & Go promotion is running until the end of this month, another millionaire has been made on PokerStars Spin & Go’s, with Canadian player ‘Koovoon’ becoming the latest millionaire on PokerStars. This is the seventh millionaire made in the last month.  PokerStars famously made six millionaires in a week, and after a random hiatus in making millionaires, another player has joined the PokerStars Millionaire ranks yesterday.

The $100 buy-in Spin & Go tournament (Tournament #1,387,275,374) started at 9.41 AM Canadian Pacific Time on 28 October (12.41 PM US Eastern Time, 5.41 PM GMT) and concluded at 9.50 AM, making a new millionaire after just nine minutes of poker play – one of the fastest ever Million Dollar Spin & Go’s.

The runner up was ‘AndyG1810’ from Russia, who won $100,000. The third-place player was the appropriately named ‘Play2win$1kk’ also from Russia, who also won $100,000. The tournament was over in only 39 hands of poker.

‘Koovoon’ had been the dominant chip leader for almost the entire tournament – doubling up with pocket Jacks on the seventh hand of the tournament, and managing to maintain a majority of chips for the entire tournament from that point on.

Hand #39 was the final hand of the tournament, when ‘Koovoon’ moved all-in with [Ac 4d] and was called by the [Kd Js] of ‘AndyG1810’.  ‘Koovoon’ paired his ace on a board of [2d Ah 6d 3c 6s], and with that, became poker’s newest millionaire, and the seventh new millionaire in the last month.

In addition to this tournament, there has been an unprecedented spate of instant millionaires made on Spin & Go tournaments over the last month:

•On 28 October, ‘ifipushud325’ from Australia won $1 million from a $5 tournament.
•On 26 October, ‘handbt1’ from Germany won $1 million from a $5 tournament.
•On 26 October, ‘barrakuuda4’ from Estonia won $1 million from a $100 tournament.
•On 25 October, ’prophethicks’ from England won $1 million from a $5 tournament.
•On 22 October, ‘wrawras’ from Brazil won $1 million from a $100 tournament.
•On 21 October, ‘Samara Lúcio’ from Brazil won $1 million from a $5 tournament.

Spin & Go's are fast-paced, 3-Max Hyper Turbo tournaments which feature 500 chip starting stacks. Each tournament has a randomly drawn prize pool that will award between two and 10,000 times your buy-in. PokerStars offer Spin & Go's at nine different buy-in levels: $0.50, $1, $3, $5, $7, $15, $30, $60 and $100.