PokerStars have invited players in the United Kingdom to participate in a test of 'VIP Steps'- a new way to take advantage of the VIP Club at PokerStars. As part of this beta test, players will be the first to discover this new feature and will have the opportunity to send us feedback to finalize the implementation of VIP steps. Each participant is guaranteed to receive either the same number of Frequent Play Points (FPPs), or more, than with the current UK VIP Club program.

'VIP Steps' have been designed to make it easier for players to measure their progress through the VIP Club thanks to a progress bar displayed directly on the table. This progress bar will show players how close they are to completing their next VIP Step and how many FPPs they receive each time that they complete a VIP Step. The VIP Steps progress bar will also help players track their progression towards maintaining and increasing their status in the VIP Club by showing how many Steps are needed to either maintain or progress to the next tier.

This is part of a wide-ranging strategy to make poker, and the PokerStars’ rewards system, more accessible to more people.

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Story via PokerStars