The poker school 'Turbo Championship of Online Poker' (TCOOP) promotion was an outstanding success with over 25,233 players using their exclusive 'School Pass' tickets to battle it out for the main prizes. 

In total there were 20 x $109 TCOOP tournament tickets up for grabs and congratulations to the following poker school players who emerged victorious in securing theirs.

Winners of TCOOP $109 Tickets

For1k, jojesz30, Matafler, kan110, dudaretardos(PS O), yYPiranhaYy, fisherr256, valeriussam, Tschinel len, MargoPro777, GuiPokPerles, SerChuQ, hellmann3 9, nelly2146 (PSO), ser1ant2012, mr kyzinberg, snegnayburya, lucky1644, redlygirl, ser g61877.


While players were scrambling for their $109 tickets others were battling it out in the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Game TCOOP series. Congrats to the following players who topped the leaderboard at the end of the series and won a tournament ticket for their efforts!

bigblazer879 ($22 ticket), steveisnot ($11 ticket), crazyesdumno ($11 ticket), mmmreece ($5.50 ticket), A-FISTFULL ($5.50 ticket), joy7108 ($2.20 ticket), kiwiheritage ($2.20 ticket), steve hitzic ($2.20 ticket), darkmannc ($2.20 ticket), EasyChips4U ($2.20 ticket).

Congratulations to all and don't forget to check the Poker Bonus page regularly for news of new promotions and offers!