Poker, a lot like life in general, doesn’t always go the way we want it. Did you ever have one of those days where so many things go wrong that it would have been a better option to stay in bed? Let’s face it, it happens to all of us and we eventually learn to deal with it.

Bad beats and river suck-outs will also happen and they are as much a part of poker life as the cards and chips we play with. Again, we need to learn to deal with it. Experienced poker players understand this very well and look at the long-term picture without getting tilted about the result of a single hand. Solid players also spend a lot of time reviewing and analysing the hands they have played and this is key to their long-term success.

It’s always easy to blame something else but what if it wasn’t a bad beat? What if we lost that stack because of a fundamental mistake we made and will probably make again if we don’t learn from it? Well, we won’t unless we do what the good players do and review our game. At PokerSchoolOnline we help you to do this with quality hand analysers who are happy to review your poker hands and share some great advice with you. Here’s a quick guide on how you too can post your hands for review and learn from your mistakes.

Why have your poker hands reviewed at PokerSchoolOnline?

• You’ll get a reply from a trained professional every time.
• There’s an easy to use Hand Replayer for you to post hands with.
• It’s completely free, that’s always good right?
• All poker games and variants are covered in the Hand Analysis forum
• You’ll join one of the largest online poker communities on the internet.

Where can I post my hands for review?

There are many different forums covering all poker game types and variants. To start a new thread in any of these forums simply click on ‘New Topic’ and post your hand for review. Here are the most popular hand analysis forums:

No Limit Hold’em Cash Game Analysis
No Limit Hold’em Tournament Analysis
Omaha Hand Analysis
Other Games Hand Analysis

How do I use the hand replayer?

1. Log-in to PokerSchoolOnline
2. Launch the Hand Replayer
3. Copy and paste in the PokerStars Hand History in English only
4. Save the hand
5. Post the hand in the relevant forum using the embed code.

Here’s a short video by CannonLee on how to use the hand replayer.

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If you need futher help about using the hand replayer you find full instructions here. There’s even a special forum thread where you can test out the hand replayer.

Quote of the day – ‘There’s no point in telling people your problems because 90% of people don’t care and the other 10% are glad you have them’.

Well, that funny quote might be true with life’s problems but you’ll find at PokerSchoolOnline a huge community of helpful players that will be happy to give you some useful advice. So don’t delay, get posting those hands and start improving your poker game today!